How to lose your weight with LOW CARB diet

Low Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet

Nowadays, overweight is really a big problem with many people. It’s not good at all if you’re overweight, no matter you’re men or women. So what we do when we’re over weight? Yes, we all try to find the ways or methods that help us to lose weight fast and effectively. One of the best ways to lose your weight is diet. Once we talk about diet, we must hear about Low Carb Diet. So, let take a tour to learn about Low Carb Diet and how to lose weight with Low Carb Diet?

First, let see the advantages of Low Carb Diet:

  • We don’t need to control the amount of sugar and carbon hydrate strictly
  • We don’t need to calculate the amount of calories
  • We don’t need to divide the process into small stages
  • Ensure the nutrients and fiber for your body
  • This diet is flexible

Quick view:

  • The daily amount of carbon hydrate is about 20g to 100g
  • Vegetables, meats, fish… are the main foods
  • Exercise

Alright, are you ready? It’s time to start the Low Carb Diet.
Conditions about the daily amount of sugar and carbon hydrate
Choose the amount of carbon hydrate that you want but it’s must be between 20g and 100g per day. There are some examples below:

  • Divide into 4 stages. 20g for 1 stage
  • Start with 40g per day then down to 20g per day
  • Start with 80g per day then down to 50g per day
  • Start with 30g per day then up to 60g per day

You can freely choose the daily amount of carbon hydrate that suitable with your own habit and conditions.
There’re some foods that we don’t need to calculate the amount of carb so the true amount of carb will be higher. But it’s not the problem, even if the amount of carb you put in your body is 100g, then it’s just about 400 calories.
How much carbon hydrate should a person eat per day?

Low Carb Foods
Low Carb Foods

Well, it depends on you, my friend. For example: Kim Kardashian lost 25kg with 60g carb and 2000 calories per day. The method doesn’t force you to calculate the amount of calories because it depends on decreasing the ratio of foods. However, you should calculate the amount of calories in order to know about the energy loaded to your body.

You should start with 20g or more per day. There’re many warnings and facts that eating carb at a too low rate as 0g to 30g per day make your body can’t adapt immediately. So, you should cut down the amount of carb slowly instead of immediately. You can follow or not, but please remember eliminate vegetables or fiber out of your menu. Now, you may basically understand how to lose weight with Low Carb Diet, right?

Meat, fish and seafood
Basically, there’s no or little carb in these foods so you don’t need to count. You can eat these kinds of foods like usual. If you’re still hungry, you can eat more of them and don’t eat too much fat. You should eat at a suitable level. And I advise you to eat more fish; this’s one of the best foods for your diet.

Vegetables, beans, tubers
There’s no limit with vegetables, you can eat as much as you want (not including plants that have tuber or high carb)
– Try to eliminate foods that made from rice or corn flour.

– Do not eat fruits that have high amount of sugar or carb, such as: banana, grapes, orange, coconut…

– Keep away from the plants and tubers that have large amount of carb

Drinks and vitamins
– Water: You must drink a lot of water, it’s very important for your body’s metabolism. Water also helps you to reduce the carb appetite. If you want to success with Low Carb Diet, you better drink pure water not soft drink or canned drinks.

– Vitamins: Fish oil is the best for your body. It’s recommended in every weight loss methods.

Doing exercises not only makes you stronger but also helps you to use more energy that you take from foods. Start any exercises you want. To save more time, you can take a look at Tabata or HIIT.

You can also limit the eating time around 8-10 hours a day, example you will eat from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and stop eating outside this period.

Alright, it’s all for the Low Carb Diet. Hope you can lose your weight fast and effectively with my guide. Just follow it and I’m sure that you won’t regret.

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