This is Why Conventional Diets FAIL for Women

This is Why Conventional Diets FAIL for Women

Do you wear men’s briefs or male underwear?

Do you like the toilet seat UP?

Are you never there for him when he needs you to just sit and talk?
(Ok, wait, sorry about that last one…)

Anyway, I assume that your answer to most – if not all – of the above is a resounding NO.

So, WHY then would you adapt a conventional or generic approach to weight loss? It’s like saying you want the perfect wedding dress and then just going on right ahead and getting the dress that doesn’t fit you at all!

Apply the same meticulousness when you’re selecting a weight loss program. It should fit you! Here are the reasons why.

You Have a Different BODY STRUCTURE

Men and women have obvious physical differences. From an evolutionary perspective, men are supposed to be ‘hunters’ or ‘providers’. As such, they have more muscle. Women, on the other hand, are the ‘child bearers’. For this reason, WOMEN HAVE MORE FAT as it’s necessary for ovulation and child bearing.

Well, all that is well and good but… this also means that when women want to lose weight, your body needs to use a system that understands your fat levels to begin with. Otherwise, your diet plan may just be helping you lose water, or worse, muscle mass! (By the way, muscle burns MORE calories even when the body is at rest so you DO NOT want to burn away your muscle.)

So ladies, to burn fat effectively and make them never go back, you need a weight loss program that realizes that you have a different body structure.

Errr… You Have Different HORMONE LEVELS than Men

Hormone levels vary greatly in men and women but for starters let me just discuss two: leptin and serotonin.

Leptin is the ‘satiety’ hormone. It tells your brain that you’re full so you should stop eating. Now, leptin is produced by fat cells. And since women have more fat cells than men, you have nearly DOUBLE the leptin levels than they do. So?

Science shows that most overweight women, have developed leptin resistance. This means that your brain may NOT be getting the signal that you’re full and so… you keep on eating.

Most conventional diets HARM normal leptin levels, especially those who advocate cutting calories drastically.

Serotonin, on the other hand, is the ‘mood’ hormone. According to scientists, women produce less serotonin than men. Worse, serotonin levels drop dramatically just before ‘that time of the month’. (Does PMS make more sense now?) So?

When you’re ‘moody’, the last thing you want to do is go on a diet, right? Further, if you’re on a diet, it’s extremely hard to stay on track because you’re serotonin levels actual MAKE YOU WANT TO EAT CARBS. (Carbs produce an increase in serotonin levels.) So where does that leave you? You keep on trying to lose weight, but you’re just getting in a vicious cycle of hunger and anger.

Bottom-line is this: if you’re a woman who wants to lose weight without harming your hormone levels, you need a system that takes your body’s unique hormone structure into account.

BeFinallyFit is dedicated solely to the uniqueness of the female body. It doesn’t fight your body’s unique structure. Instead, it provides a unique eating strategy that makes your hormones work for you. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out this short video as it reveals the actual science behind this breakthrough system for women.

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